Click on the gear icon next to the export button to specify the export settings. In the 'Format' tab you can set the format of the export file. In the 'Select' tab you can specify the data that will be included in the export.

Specify whether you want to include the nodegoat ID, ID, Name, and Sources for each Object, Categorie, or Reversed Classification.

Select the Descriptions you want to include in the export. For relational Descriptions you can export both the name of the referenced Object or the ID of the referenced Object. Click the green 'add' button to add additional drop-down menus. Click the red 'del' button to remove empty drop-down menus.

Use the menu on the right side of the dialog to include data from referenced Types, Classifications, or Reversed Classifications. This functionality follows the same logic as the Scope functionality.

Click Save Export Settings to save the export settings. Click the export button to run the export with the currently active export settings.

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