Sourcing & Version Management

Every Object Description, Sub-Object, and Sub-Object Description is followed by a grey 'ver' button. By clicking on this button, a popup is displayed that contains information on the version of the element. If the Source Referencing option is enabled in the Project settings, Source References can be made for the element.

Version Management

All versions of an Object Description, Sub-Object, or Sub-Object Description are stored. Select a previous version by clicking the grey 'ver' button, go to the 'History' tab, select the prefered version and click save.


When Source Referencing is enabled in a Project, a 'Sources' tab appears at the top of the edit form when editing an Object or Category. Here one or more Types that have been set as 'Sources' in the Project settings can be selected and one or more Objects can be selected. Each reference can be supplemented by a string. The same options are available when clicking on the grey 'ver' button mentioned above, on the 'Source' tab.

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