A User can be given access to one or more Projects. By specifying a Clearance Level and Page Clearance, Users can be given access to functionalities and pages.

To add a User, click 'Add User'.

To edit a User, click the blue 'edit' button at the relevant User.

To delete a User, click the red 'del' button at the relevant User.

User Settings


  • Active: Existing users can be activated or deactivated.
  • Email: Email address used for communication and as initial username. User can change both the email address and username after login.
  • Reset Password: The password of an existing User can be reset with this checkbox. Select 'Confirmation Email' as well to send the user a message that contains a link witch which a new password can be set.
  • Confirmation Email: Check this box to send the User a confirmation email. New Users will receive a message with a link that allows them to specify a password. Existing Users will receive a message with their updated account details.


Select the projects to which the User has access.


  1. Demo: Read only.
  2. Interact: Allowed to participate in the 'Discussion' tab.
  3. Under Review: Allowed to add, delete, edit, and export data. All changes will be marked for review. Changes have to be accepted or rejected by a User or Admin before they become effective.
  4. User: Changes become immediately effective. Allowed to accept or reject changes made by 'Under Review' Users.
  5. Admin: Allowed to import, create and update Projects, Users, Data Model, Linked Data Resources, APIs, Public User Interfaces.

Page Clearance

Select the pages to which the User has access. Even though non-'Admin' Users may be given access to other pages, they will not be able to perform any actions outside the 'Data' module.

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